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Welcome to our WebPages !

Gwo¼dziej Network was established on the basis of used clothing web shops. The first shops were opened in 1993. The company went through a long way from the retail trade via wholesale trade to achieve a strong position on a whole country scale.

Since 1999 our Company has focused on retail trade. In a very short time we've opened a web of large surface shops. Every shop is ran the same system of trade. Within the space of last few years Gwo¼dziej Company has became the largest web of used clothing shops with the thousands regular customers in many polish towns. The company develops all the time. The west Europe imported clothing are very popular with people. The customers are sure of good quality, best marks and fashion clothing for unbelievably low prices.

Nowadays our company collects the used clothing ourselves in western Europe what generates the opportunity of high quality and very attractive prices. (Our Company doesn't sell wholesale currently - except for our franchising partners).

We are the proof that used clothing branch of business could be successful. The established market position, experience, market analyses, knowledge business made a strong basis to create a nationwide company. At present that success is widely availably for anyone interested.

Gwo¼dziej Company invites to cooperation.

Through Web Partners (franchising) our company sets the way for developing of retail shops based on well-tried methods.

Do it together with us. We invite You.